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Maison Eric Kayser introduces baguette concept

Eric Kayser bakery announced a new concept launch, the ‘Baguett.’. It aims to “redefine the iconic French bread,” Alexandre Matcheret, CEO, said in an announcement. “Far from resting on its laurels, Éric Kayser reinvents the baguette in all its forms, the national emblem recently recognized by UNESCO. Breaking the conventions of this iconic piece of bread, Baguett. offers a surprising journey engraved in the memory of taste buds. More than a rediscovery, Baguett. invites you to an unprecedented experience among the textures, colors, and flavors of the finest bakery delights,” he describes the Maison Eric Kayser’s latest creation.

The company launched the Baguett., a playground bakery at its Samaritaine shop in Paris. The pop-up concept is available from June until September. The bright pink food truck at the entrance of the shop serves ice cream.

The baguette joined UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage list on November 30, 2022, an endeavor unanimously celebrated by the Fench baking industry.



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Photo: Maison Eric Kayser social media