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Matthews Cotswold Flour launches three flours

British flour producer Matthews Cotswold Flour added three new stoneground wholegrain ancient grain flours to its range of over 100 varieties. The new additions answer to the increasing demand for sustainably produced blends. Wholegrain Emmer, Wholegrain Einkorn and Wholegrain Khorosan are available from the end of May on the company’s newly launched website.

Bertie Matthews, the managing director of the 200-year-old family business, said on the launch: “We are delighted to be expanding our unrivaled selection of specialty flours with the addition of these new stoneground wholegrain ancient grain flours. Einkorn, Emmer and Khorosan are amazing ingredients that have remained unchanged for centuries. We love creating flour from these grains because they are fantastic for baking and offer a unique taste and fantastic nutritional value. They are also sustainably farmed in a way that benefits the soil and the farmer, something that is hugely important to us as a producer.” The company works closely with a team of artisan bakers for its developments. “We have combined our unparalleled experience of traditional milling practices with these fantastic raw ingredients to create three new distinctive flours as part of our mission to lead the way in meeting the needs of an increasingly ambitious baking population,” Matthews added.

Wholegrain Einkorn Flour

Einkorn is an ancient grain variety of wheat, which is stoneground milled using traditional methods to create a nutritious wholegrain rustic flour produced from the entire Einkorn berry. It is suitable for pancakes, pizza and other recipes that call for wholemeal flour.

Wholegrain Emmer Flour 

Wholegrain Emmer is stoneground milled, using traditional methods, from 100% of the Emmer berry – maintaining its natural nutritional profile. Emmer is easily digestible, making it popular. It can be used in pasta recipes or blended into bread recipes. It produces a robust, nutty, and slightly sweet taste.

Wholegrain Khorosan Flour  

Khorasan is referred to as an ancient wholegrain. Its origins are said to go back to the Egyptians. It has a creamy yellow color and a clean buttery flavor. The Matthews family source Khorasan grain from remote farms in Italy then traditionally stoneground mill it so that the nutritious outer layer of the bran is left intact. It is a coarse, highly absorbent, wholemeal flour, which works well for blending into sourdough recipes, flatbreads, wholegrain pasta, brownies and biscuits.

Matthews Cotswold Flour has a range of over 100 varieties of flour. With a milling legacy spanning eight generations, the company is one of the UK’s oldest family-run flour mills.

Photo: Matthews Cotswold Flour