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Mexican snack wafer brand enter U.S. market
Sigma display Box

Sigma began distributing the popular Chocke-Obleas, a low-calorie snack with superfood ingredients originating in Mexico, to Hispanic grocers across six American markets: San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and South Texas, with more to follow.

“American consumers are hungry for foods that are fun to eat, but also nutritious. They want great taste and a unique, high-quality experience. Chocke-Obleas checks all the boxes—it’s a snack they can feel good eating and sharing with their families,” says Oscar Villarreal, DVP of National Accounts Hispanic Brands for Sigma U.S.

A Golmex Foods brand, Chocke-Obleas started in 2015 in Mexico and is made up of a chocolate filling sandwiched between two artisan wheat and amaranth wafers covered with popped amaranth, a superfood ancient grain with a longtime legacy in Mexico. Chocke-Obleas are crafted with only quality ingredients, including 70% cocoa, Sigma details. There are three wafers per pack. Each package also offers 3g of plant-based protein, no preservatives or trans fats, and 110 calories. Chocke-Obleas are currently available in two flavors: Chocolate and Amaranth.

“There’s nothing like Chocke-Obleas on American shelves today. It’s not just another cookie, cracker, bar or snack,” said Juan Carlos Duran Soriano, Founder and CEO of Golmex.

Sigma is a multinational food company that produces, markets, and distributes premium branded foods, including packaged meats, cheese, yogurt, snacks and other refrigerated and frozen foods. Sigma d operates 68 plants and 210 distribution centers in 18 countries across its four key regions: Mexico, Europe, the United States, and Latin America.