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Middleby acquires Escher Mixers

The Middleby Corporation acquired Escher Mixers, the Italian manufacturer of spiral and planetary mixers for the industrial baking industry. Escher’s customers include large grocery and retail chains, for which they provide solutions for the artisanal bread and pastry industries. Located in Vicenza, Italy, the company has annual revenues of USD 15 million. Escher offers fully automated solutions for pre-dough mixing processes.

“Escher is a leading provider of innovative dough handling and mixing equipment, including automated and robotic solutions. This acquisition is a perfect complement to our current bakery brands and allows us to offer full-line integrated solutions for lower operating costs and enhanced production efficiencies,” said Tim FitzGerald, Middleby CEO. “We know first-hand the high quality of the company and the superiority of their products based on our commercial history and partnership. We are confident there will be a seamless strategic fit between our companies.”

In 2022, Middleby was named one of Forbes magazine’ ‘World’s Best Employers’.

Photo: Escher Mixers. Pictured: the MD-W line