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Mondelez to introduce cakes in China
homemade no-bake cookies and cream cheesecake

Mondelez is offering cake products for the first time in China this year and has pledged to invest more in digital solutions, China Daily shared information from a senior executive. Mondelez will launch frozen cakes on the Chinese market starting in April. Ahead of this launch, a cake production line was installed at the manufacturer’s Beijing plant in 2022.

Joost Vlaanderen, president of Mondelez Greater China, said China’s optimized COVID-19 response and further opening-up measures have delivered positive signals to the world and global business community, and the company is optimistic about the snack industry’s outlook in 2023 and beyond.

“With China entering a new era of green and innovation-led growth, the country will continue to open up for foreign investments and provide a more favorable business environment,” China Daily quotes Joost Vlaanderen, president of Mondelez Greater China, adding that Mondelez will grow its portfolio of product ranges such as biscuits and cakes in China in the years ahead.

Mondelez’s R&D center in Suzhou develops products for China and neighboring countries, including Japan and Australia, as well as other several countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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