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Neighbors impose restrictions on Ukraine grains

As the European Commission lifted the temporary bans on Ukrainian grain, its neighboring countries, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary imposed national-level restrictions of their own. This is an outcome the EC was trying to avoid, Euro News reports. Ukraine has been exporting its grain by land, through the countries around it since the grain deal fell through and it couldn’t use sea transport anymore.

In Poland, the regulation entered into force on September 16. Euro News quotes Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, who spoke at a rally: “We will extend this ban despite their disagreement, despite the European Commission’s disagreement. We will do it because it is in the interest of the Polish farmer.”

Hungary, in turn, blocked 24 agricultural goods from Ukraine, including grains, according to a Reuters report. Transit is still allowed. The move is also justified as support for local farmers.

With all tariffs lifted from Ukraine’s grain by the EU, the prices were undercutting local markets. Ukraine is committed to keeping its exports in check, leading the EC to lift the ban.

Photo: Pexels (#907905)