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New clean-label, long shelf-life cookie filling

Ingredients specialist KRÖNER-STÄRKE developed a cream-like filling for bakery and confectionery
products. It has a long shelf life and no artificial ingredients. The new product aims to meet the market demand for products that are clean-label and indulgent. As the unbaked parts of a product such as cream-like fillings for cookies and pastries cannot benefit from the effects of the baking process in limiting bacteria, it was challenging to develop products that did not include artificial food additives to extend shelf life.

KRÖNER-STÄRKE’s solution is based on a hot-swelling wheat starch, hygienically produced. Enhanced microbiological cleaning is carried out beforehand to create an aseptic environment, the company explained. The finished starch is analyzed for potential contaminants, to ensure that the bacteria count is as close to zero as is technically possible. The starch is then stored in specially adapted conditions to prevent cross-contamination or any influences from external conditions impacting the quality of the product. It should be stored in cool and dry conditions, and kept in its original packaging, for a shelf life of at least 24 months. The ingredient provides excellent fresh-keeping qualities when used as the basis for unbaked fillings in finished bakery products.

The product is currently being used as a clean-label cookie filling, and being a dried ingredient, viscosity can easily be adjusted to achieve the required texture for a range of finished products. Potential applications include fillings, toppings, sauces and dressings. It can also be used as a component in dry baked goods and baking mixes. As the wheat starch has a very high water-binding capacity, it provides the potential to increase yields and present a cost-effective alternative to expensive raw materials, the company outlined.

The hot-swelling starch also has comparable technological properties to standard native starches, so it can easily be used to replace these in formulations for finished products as a clean-label or organic alternative.

Since this filling material can have a creamy texture without the use of dairy ingredients, it can be used in vegan products. Commercial Manager Henrik de Vries commented: “We’re excited about the possibilities this new product holds for food manufacturers. It’s really very versatile, and because it can be used for organic, clean label and vegan applications, consumers can still ‘have their cake and eat it’ without having to worry about artificial ingredients.”