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New management at the Berndorf Band Group

The Berndorf Band Group has a new management team: Alexander Leutner and Gernot Binder follow the long-standing managing director Herbert Schweiger at the helm company specializing in steel belts and steel belt systems. Their tenure started at the beginning of the year.

Alexander Leutner

Alexander Leutner joined the company based in Lower Austria in 2014, where he worked as executive vice president of the International Commercial Division until the end of 2021, when he joined the management team. Gernot Binder, also CEO of the Berndorf Band Group, is a mechanical engineer who started his career with the company in 1996. He headed Berndorf Band Engineering GmbH as president until the end of 2021.

Both CEOs agree when it comes to the future of the international company: “Technology is evolving rapidly. That’s why we need to make innovation scalable and apply agile business practices to ensure our company remains ahead of the game.” The new managers have set ambitious goals this year, they both said in a statement.

In addition to bringing new management at its helm, the company is also restructuring to be able to react to the best of its ability to future challenges.

Gernot Binder

For example, the Berndorf Band Group has implemented its own Product Management team at its headquarters in Lower Austria. In doing this, it wants to offer its customers even more customized products, guarantee an optimum production process, and be a competent contact partner. Furthermore, the company has decided to introduce a new Business Development department to further develop the steel belt systems. It will focus on recognizing trends to always be up to date and to continuously develop its belt systems.

These moves are meant to support the Berndorf Band Group and its eight subsidiaries around the world to grow closer together, the company explained.

Photos: Berndorf Band Group