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No gas shortage in Germany
Gas pression gauge meters on gas pipeline. Gas extraction, produ

German gas storage system operator stated that there will be no supply shortage this winter. No supply problems are anticipated for next winter either, as consumption has been declining. Even without deliveries from Russia and in the event that gas import decreases, Germany will still be able to refill facilities for the next winter, Reuters reports with information from the INES German gas storage system operators association.

For this winter, “Even with extremely low temperatures and the occurrence of risk factors, there will be no gas shortage in Germany,” Reuters quoted INES.

Storage facilities are still more than 90% full at the moment. They are legally required to be 40% full by February, and the warm weather contributed to further savings.

“Considerably less” gas was used in the last week of 2022 compared to previous years. According to the German Federal Network Agency, consumption was 30% lower in December 2022.

Photo: Adobe Stock (#413551755)