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OREO Frozen Treats brand extension debuts
OREO Frozen Treats Portfolio

OREO announced the launch of a line of OREO® Frozen Treats, ranging from scoopable tubs to bars, cones, sandwiches and more, available across the U.S. in March 2022. The brand extension is a reimagined take on the classic chocolate sandwich cookie. The new portfolio includes OREO® Frozen Bars, OREO® Frozen Sandwiches, OREO® Frozen Cones, and 2-in-1 OREO® & CHIPS AHOY!® 48 oz. tubs and more.

The OREO® Bars, with a creme-flavored base packed with OREO® cookie pieces, are dipped in a coating made from crushed OREO® wafer pieces. The OREO® Cones feature crispy cones filled with a creme-flavored base. The OREO® Sandwiches two big OREO® cookie wafers.

“We continually seek ways to playfully reinvent our classic cookie and are excited to bring this new OREO® innovation to the freezer aisle,” said Justin Parnell, vice president, OREO® US.

This spring, the marketing of the brand’s debut in the freezer aisle starts with a digital campaign titled “The Real One is Finally Here”, Mondelez announced, to celebrate the brand’s most dedicated fans (the ‘Real Ones’).