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Oreo Zero debuts online in China
Oreo cookies, Chocolate cream filling sandwich cookies on a green background

Mondelēz partnered with MissFresh, a leading online fresh grocery retailer in China, to release Oreo’s new range of sugar-free sandwich cookies – Oreo Zero on the online selling platform. The retailer is growing its selection of more nutritious and healthier choices to its app and WeChat Mini Program users. Oreo chose MissFresh as the online retail partner for the launch to leverage the popularity of the platform’s speedy grocery delivery service (39 minutes on average) with its established customer base of quality-focused young shoppers in China, according to the announcement made at the end of August by MissFresh.

To mark the Oreo Zero launch, MissFresh held an Oreo Super Brand Day on August 17. The new sugar-free Oreo Zero range offers two flavors: Oreo Zero Cookies, which has the classic OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookie taste, and rose-flavored Oreo Zero Thin Cookies – 40% thinner pieces.

MissFresh has worked with Mondelēz International, Inc. for several years and stocks its popular brands such as Oreo and Chips Ahoy!. The two companies have collaborated for marketing projects, such as Super Brand Days organized by MissFresh over the last year to promote Mondelēz products. In addition to Mondelēz offerings, the Super Brand Day events featured more than 20 other brands. While MissFresh’s core revenue has historically come from fresh produce, the company is expanding the diversity of its product range to include fast-moving consumer goods. Figures from March this year showed that fresh products accounted for 58% of gross merchandise value (GMV), while FMCG accounted for 42% of GMV.