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Patisserie Valerie to reopen, invest in stores

Patisserie Valerie plans to reopen some of its restaurants. The chain recently closed a majority of its 200 stores it owned across the UK, where around 3,000 people worked. Patisserie Valerie announced that it has started an investment and refurbishment program focused on 10 of its patisseries. “The aim is to brighten the look and feel of our patisseries, bringing them up to date while preserving the heritage and friendly atmosphere Patisserie Valerie is famous for,” the business announced.

Valerie plans to reopen additional cafés in the upcoming months, following its reinvestment effort, the Sun reports, adding that new locations are also being scouted. The Cambridge location will reopen after an extensive makeover. The first patisseries to benefit from this investment are Wimbledon, Cambridge and Winchester with more planned over the coming months.

Its best-selling Candy Stripe Gateaux also received an upgrade; Valerie recently announced the improved, “brighter, bolder and extra glamorous” cakes  “taste even more heavenly”.

Photo: Patisserie Valerie social media