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Peter Pane introduces augmented reality menu
Peter Pane überrascht mit Augmented Reality auf Speisekarte

The Peter Pane restaurant chain’s menu is now available in Augmented Reality (AR) by scanning a QR code with a smartphone. The selected menu items are displayed as AR objects directly on dining tables. The restaurant is also behind a new Instagram filter/video game for its guests.

The dishes that can be visualized in 3D via AR include one in each of the categories: fries, vegan, vegetarian and meat burgers. No additional app is needed to browse through the AR menu; however, the video game does require an Instagram account. The aim of this application is the product preview with informational value for the guests.

Peter Pane also introduced a new Instagram filter/game, in which ingredients fall from the ceiling and must be caught in the mouth. Catching pizza gives negative points (Peter Pane does not have pizza on offer). The high scores can be compared.

“We are pleased that AR technology is now finding its way into Germany and Austria’s restaurants with this innovative extra. AR menus give visitors a clear picture of which dish to expect, and the Instagram makes waiting for the order entertaining,” says Sven Weber, Deputy Managing Director of the agency group, the company that developed the application.

Photo: Peter Pane