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Pizza Hut opens its first all-women-operated store in India

Pizza Hut opened its first all-women-operated store in Gangtok. The move aims to hire and empower more women in the workforce. Every store function, from food preparation and customer service to day-to-day management, will be carried out by women. The store will have a staff of over 10 women employees to start with, including store managers. A majority of these women employees at the start of their careers.

“2021 has been a marquee year with many firsts for Pizza Hut. Earlier this year we had unveiled our bold new brand platform called ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering’ to let everyone know that Pizza Hut delivers the best taste and value, easiest access along with our signature warm service across every channel – Dine-in, Takeaway or Delivery. To bring our ‘Dil Khol Ke Delivering’ message alive in a unique way, we have also roped in popular actor and comedian Anuradha Menon as our magnetic ambassador, making Pizza Hut one of the first few QSR chains in India to use a female ambassador as the face of the brand. Today, we are proud to begin a new chapter by opening our first all-women store in India that puts women at the front and center of the action. My best wishes to the team and kudos for the example they are setting by breaking boundaries and inspiring other women,” said in an announcement Chitra D Ram, Director – Capability & Culture, Pizza Hut at Yum! Restaurants International.  

The actress congratulated Pizza Hut: “It is an honor to be associated with a brand that not only advocates gender equality and inclusion but also demonstrates it in an equally strong manner. Dil Khol Ke salute to this all-women power team of the Gangtok store as they set foot on this bold and adventurous journey.” 

The first Pizza Hut opened in India in 1996. In 2020, Pizza Hut India was recognized as the 18th best, most trusted brand in the country by Campaign Asia. Pizza Hut was also recently named one of India’s 70 Most Trusted Power Brands. Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum! Brands was named to the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) for several years in a row.