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Processed egg market soars

The global processed egg market was valued at USD 21.62 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 28.35 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 3.95%, according to data from Introspective Market Research.
Convenience, ease of use and storage of processed eggs are the driving factors behind the egg processing sector. Technical advancements have also improved the treatment and pasteurization of processed eggs, ensuring safety, lowering the danger of contamination, and extending shelf life, the research highlights.

Based on the product type, the liquid egg product segment is expected to dominate the processed egg market over the forecast period. Liquid egg product is mostly used as an egg substitute.
Based on the application, the bakery segment is expected to hold the maximum processed egg market share, the analysis finds. “Because bakery product manufacturers are increasingly demanding egg products with unique characteristics and properties to meet special requirements (e.g., dark yolks), there may be a trend toward establishing special arrangements to ensure users have an adequate supply of products with the desired characteristics at all times,” the report says.

Europe dominates the processed egg market over the forecast period, accounting for about 80% of worldwide egg liquid imports, followed by Asia and North America. According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity, Germany is the world’s largest importer of processed egg products, with 15% of worldwide imports. The leading importers of processed egg products in the rest of the world are the United Kingdom (12%), France (6.3%), and Belgium-Luxembourg (6.3%) in Europe (4.6 %).
Market players in this market include: Interovo Egg Group B.V.(the Netherlands), Browns Mill Farm (U.S.), Dakota Layers (U.S.), Pelbo S.P.A.(Italy), OVO-Tech (Poland), Debel Food Products (U.S.), Sanovo Technology Group (Denmark), Dwise Ltd (U.K.), Glon Group (France), Gruppo Eurovo(Italy), Bouwhuis Enthovan B.V. (Netherlands), Igreca S.A.(France), MOBA B.V. (the Netherlands), Nabati Foods Global Inc. (US), Actini Group (France), Buckeye Egg Farm LP(U.S.) and Eat JUST Inc. (US).

Recent industry developments

In January 2020, a company that manufactures healthier, more sustainable foods, has declared the second-quarter availability of a new JUST Egg offering that can be used on toast, in sandwiches, or as a plant-based, protein-packed addition to meals.
In August 2021, Nabati Foods Global Inc. launched Nabati Plant Eggz™, its plant-based liquid egg product, in the United States.

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