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Puratos introduces new brand identity

The Puratos Group unveiled its new brand identity, featuring a new logo, house colors and a tagline, ‘Food Innovation for Good’. The rebranding is meant to reflect the company’s purpose “to move the planet forward by creating innovative food solutions for the health & well-being of people everywhere.”

The new motto encapsulates the company’s ambition to continue and further increase its positive global impact for future generations. The familiar unicorn, symbolizing courage and integrity, was kept: “It now faces forwards, towards an exciting future,” said Puratos. Another key change in the company’s identity is the more widespread use of the color red, which represents passion, commitment and determination.

Sophie Blum, Puratos CMO, highlighted: “Our new identity underlines our unwavering commitment to our customers, employees, partners and consumers, and to further accelerate the growth of our business and our customers’. As the implementation of our new identity begins, our worldwide community of modern marketeers will leverage data, digital and artificial intelligence tools and techniques to engage and support our customers, helping them successfully stay ahead of the curve by collaboratively creating innovative food solutions for the health and well-being of people everywhere.”

The company’s new identity will help aims to send the message that Puratos is a trustworthy, progressive and ethically-minded brand. As such, Puratos aims to continue tackling critical issues within the food industry. Sophie Blum also emphasized: “Sustainable entrepreneurship has been high on our agenda for many years. We believe that, as a responsible food business, it is important to deliver life-changing social contributions wherever we operate. We already have a range of initiatives in place to support this. Our Bakery Schools provide youngsters with quality education and create the skills needed within the industry, while our Cacao-Trace program is helping cocoa farmers worldwide increase their income, thanks to the production of superior-tasting chocolate through the mastering of the fermentation process.  These are just two examples of how we are fulfilling our deep-rooted ambitions to implement and adhere to a sustainable, respectful and balanced operating model and we will continue working towards this in 2022 and beyond.”