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Russia rejoins Ukraine grain export deal – for now
Lifting cargo cranes, ships and grain dryer in Sea Port of Odess

Russia said it would again uphold the agreement to guarantee the safe passage of the ships carrying grain from Ukraine. In a previous move, it had paused its participation in the deal for a few days. The reason given was an alleged drone attack in Crimea, unconfirmed by Ukraine. The announcement that the deal will continue from all sides came from Turkey, a mediator in the deal together with the UN.

Russia agreed to “not impede the future export of grain, but it reserved the right to withdraw if necessary,” the Guardian reports.

The deal applies to exports of Ukrainian grain, fertilizer and other foodstuffs, through a humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea. According to the agreement, all ships traveling to and from Ukraine’s ports are to be inspected and monitored by international teams made up of officials from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN.

Photo: Adobe Stock #258104561