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Schubert announces new training services
Schubert Marketing

Schubert aims to expand and relaunch its training services, with the inauguration of its training center in Crailsheim, Germany. The Schubert training team will be working with the company’s customers to develop new formats and content to address the new demands different types of staff are faced with, stemming from technology automation.

“At the same time, there is currently a shortage of skilled personnel and often a high staff turnover in companies. These are the circumstances that Schubert needs to consider in its training courses and services,” the company said in an announcement.

The new training center is built in the former industrial hall, a space of over 1,000 sqm. It will include four training rooms with packaging machines, a lounge and additional training rooms. The trainers have offices in an adjacent building.

“We are taking a multi-track approach with our training concept,” said Uwe Galm, Director of Customer Services. “This includes not only the expansion of our training locations in Germany and the USA, but also new formats, new content and an expanded training team.”

“We are increasing our capacities as we gear up to the new program,” he explains, “not only in Germany but also in the US.”

Schubert will also provide digital training and videos via the Transaction Network customer portal, which will gradually be updated with additional content.

Photo: Schubert