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Subscription-based artisan bread box available

Sustainability-focused company Earth & Wheat is adding a new product to its list of ‘wonky’ bakery products it saves from being wasted: the Special Artisan Bread Box. The new product is available for subscription, with delivery frequencies ranging from weekly to monthly. Earth & Wheat collects bakery products that would otherwise go to waste due to irregular appearance or overproduction.

The new package is available for pre-order for GBP 18.99 and deliveries begin on January 12. For each purchase, the company donates a meal to charity. It joins two other available packages: Variety Wonky Bread Box and Essentials Wonky Bread Box.

The Special Artisan Bread Box contains:

  • 1x 600g Sourdough loaf
  • 4x White Rolls
  • 2x Muffins (Blueberry, chocolate or apple crumble)
  • 2x Croissants
  • 2x pastries (Pain au chocolat or pain au raisin)

“Experience an Artisan bread box of naturally leavened sourdough breads and fine pastries of an unmatched quality adhering to time-honored artisanal standards, all hand made and by experienced bakers using only the best, natural ingredients available to the bakers,” the product is described.

Earth & Wheat works with bakeries to collect fresh bread from their production facilities and deliver them to subscribers for free. Through this business model, Earth & Wheat aims to connect UK bakeries and farmers with customers looking to reduce food waste.

Photo: Earth & Wheat