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südback announces agenda for gelato area debut

südback and the gelato trade fair GELATISSIMO are partners this year in the new gelato area powered by GELATISSIMO, where exhibitors will share information about raw materials and the latest technology for the production and maturation of gelatos. südback acknowledged the opportunities in the market sector for bakeries, cake shops and cafés and assigned a special gelato showcase starting this year together with GELATISSIMO, which is normally held in parallel with INTERGASTRA. The exhibitors will show presentation ideas for finished gelato creations.

Agenda highlights

In his two-day show on the GELATISSIMO stage, Alessandro Romeo will create a new gelato flavor. Copyright: Alessandro Romeo

In addition to the demonstrations of new products, concepts and ideas, professionals from the industry will also provide practical recommendations for gelato production. One of them is Alessandro Romeo, a master gelato maker from Verona who is regarded as one of the best up-and-coming gelatieri. In his two-day show on the GELATISSIMO stage, he will create a new gelato flavor with chocoyo, a combination of white chocolate obtained from first-pressed cocoa butter and yogurt powder without any live and vital ferments. The master gelato maker will then show how this chocolate gelato can be refined even further. “Chocolate gelato produced with chocoyo already has a slightly acidic and fresh after-taste that stems from added yogurt powder,” said Romeo. “Gelatieri can further enhance the hint of yogurt by replacing part of the milk amount required for the gelato with fresh low-fat yogurt.”

The best gelatieri will compete against one another in the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO, organized by Levati Editori. The five most qualified gelato professionals from each of the pistachio, yogurt and strawberry competitions will qualify to take part in an additional contest, Intercoppa – held on the fourth day of the trade fair. They will compete against the 15 best participants in each of the gelato competitions from 2016, 2018 and 2020.  

Photo: Pexels

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