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Suprima Bakeries launches artisan dough range

Australian Bakery supplier Suprima Bakeries announced the launch of their new Artisan Frozen Dough range, including Artisan Multigrain Dough and Artisan White Sourdough Dough. “One of the most innovative and on-trend features of the new Artisan Dough range is the locally crafted sourdough culture,” Suprima said in an announcement. The mother culture has been tendered for over four years.

Using Suprima dough entails thawing, forming, proof and baking; no mixing is required. A few days prior to production, the rate of feeding is increased to produce more levain (similar to a sourdough starter), the company explains.
The Suprima plant can produce 34,000 frozen dough pieces per hour. It has an on-site frozen warehouse for 8,000 pallets. Suprima Bakeries works with supermarkets, wholesalers, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and caterers.

Photo: Suprima Bakeries social media