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Swiss retail bakery: lower sales, higher turnover

In 2022, consumers bought around 262,915 tonnes of bread and baked goods from Swiss retailers, meaning total sales of around CHF 2.4 billion. Retail sales of bread and baked goods decreased by 6,406 tons, as out-of-home consumption bounces back following the pandemic restrictions. Overall, the demand for bread and baked goods remained high, according to the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG.

In terms of value, the bread and baked goods market increased by 0.7% in 2022 and decreased by 2.4% in terms of volume. The declining sales trends are mainly coming from lower sales volumes in long-life bread (-6.2%) and dough (-9%) categories.

The average sales value across the entire bakery product market was 3% higher compared to 2021. Despite lower sales volumes, higher turnover was achieved, reflecting a price increase.

The pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 led to exceptional developments in some categories, particularly in the ambient bread, dough and sweet segments.

In total, 34,391 tons of organic bread and baked goods were sold in Switzerland in 2022, corresponding to sales worth CHF 342 million. Organic fresh bread was bought for CHF 270 million, which corresponds to a market share of 24.5%, according to the same source.

Photo: Pexels (#4559174)