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Syntegon showcases packaging system for baked goods

At interpack, Syntegon is presenting a flexible line concept for packaging sensitive baked goods – from product distribution to case packaging. The seamlessly integrated packaging system comes with several novelties: “Manufacturers looking for an efficient solution in the medium output segment will find from Syntegon fully automated lines from a single source – including gentle handling, sustainable primary packaging and high format flexibility for different products,” says Stefan Schulze, Product Manager at Syntegon.

Gentle handling

The Syntegon DCG (Distribution Continuous Gentle) distribution station is making its debut at interpack. The new station continuously discharges 400 sliced cakes onto the downstream packaging leg at 18 cycles per minute. Using the pullnose method, the DCG discharge belt lowers and deposits the cakes gently and in a controlled manner onto the downstream cross belt. It is suited for delicate baked goods or sticky bar products. “When we were developing the Syntegon DCG, we placed particular emphasis on flexibility and hygiene. Depending on production requirements and layout options, different modules can be easily combined with each other. In addition, the distribution station’s open design makes it easily accessible. Sloped surfaces help catch product residue and keep the production environment clean,” explains Schulze.

Primary packaging

Once the sliced cakes have been discharged onto the packaging leg, the FIT inline module continuously feeds them to the flow wrapping machine while preventing products from accumulating along the way. Linear motors ensure gentle handling of sensitive products. Each mover can be controlled and only accelerates when the product has been safely captured. This means that the individual sliced cakes do not come into contact with each other, which in turn reduces mechanical stress.

The sliced cakes are then packed by the Pack 403 flow wrapping machine. At interpack, the Pack 403 will pack up to 400 cakes per minute in gusseted flow wraps. The recyclable mono-material film will be heat-sealed.

Syntegon robotics platform

The subsequent robotic pick-and-place platform RPP ensures a high degree of flexibility. The modular platform has been incorporated into different systems since 2022 and will now be shown as part of the exhibited line with a new grouping and loading function. The primary-packaged cakes are inspected and then continuously placed into the robot’s collation chain. Defective packs are discharged instantly. A robot arm picks the individually packaged sliced cakes at 50 cycles per minute. The products are separated at the gripper into groups of two by four. The robot deposits the grouped products in the integrated bucket chain of the end load cartoner. The speed of the robot and the cartoner’s infeed chain are fully synchronized.

Cartoners and case packers

As part of the line, Syntegon will also present the latest version of the compact Kliklok BEC end-load cartoner. At interpack, the RPP and BEC are integrated into one unit with the machines connected via Ethernet for easy operation. The end-load cartoner packs the pre-grouped sliced cakes and sideloads them at a speed of 100 cartons per minute. The machine’s new technical features include improved controls and a new HMI.

Control technology from Beckhoff in discreet CPU boxes enables cabling without control cabinets – resulting in a compact layout as well as easy system integration.

Moreover, Syntegon will showcase the BEC with an optimized drive system: with the switch to servo technology, various drive components can be optimally synchronized so that the processes during loading are completely reproducible. In addition, the BEC uses the rotary carton infeed system that minimizes waste and downtime.

Photo: Syntegon