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Tate & Lyle invests in fiber production in Slovakia

Tate & Lyle is investing in its corn wet mill in Boleráz, Slovakia, to produce more non-GMO PROMITOR Soluble Fibers. The production of fibers during the first phase of the program will start in mid-2024, representing a EUR 25 million investment. The new facility will give Tate & Lyle the ability to expand existing PROMITOR® product lines and add new ones over time.  

Tate & Lyle’s research shows that over half (54%) of global consumers plan to consume more fiber. Customer demand for sugar reduction solutions, where fiber can play an important role, also remains high, with sugar and calorie reduction claims being included frequently in new fiber-fortified product launches.

Abigail Storms, Tate & Lyle’s SVP Fibre and Sweetener Platform, said: “Tate & Lyle is the only dietary fiber producer with production in three continents.3 With the addition of this state-of-the-art production facility to our fiber network, we will offer customers even greater security of supply, with efficiency benefits intended to support accessible nutrition so that more consumers can access the many benefits of fiber.” 

Dr. Kavita Karnik, Tate & Lyle’s Global Head of Nutrition, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, added: “We know that reaching the daily fiber recommendation is challenging, and for most people, it is difficult to do so without exceeding their recommended calorie intake. This is where reformulation of everyday products like breakfast cereals, yogurt, and bakery products, can be really effective in improving nutritional intake. Our PROMITOR® Soluble Fibres have been shown to support gut health, promote calcium absorption and help to maintain a healthy blood glucose response. Emerging science shows it may provide even wider benefits, including brain and metabolic health.”

  1. Tate & Lyle Proprietary Global Ingredient Perception Research 2022-23 
  2. Mintel GNPD Data 2017-22 shows 14% of high or added fiber launches carried a ‘no added sugar’ claim (17% CAGR over the timeframe), followed by 10% carrying a ‘low/reduced sugar’ claim (17% CAGR), and 7% carrying a ‘low/no/reduced’ calorie claim (3% CAGR). 
  3. Tate & Lyle’s other fiber production facilities are in the US, the Netherlands and China

Photo: Tate & Lyle