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Theegarten-Pactec invests in MAKREV Packaging

Theegarten-Pactec acquired shares in the Turkish mechanical engineering company MAKREV Packaging. Through the acquisition, the company aims to complement its product portfolio and become more attractive to customers in the mid-performance and price segments below the machines built in Dresden. Istanbul-based MAKREV Packaging manufactures intermittent chocolate and jelly packaging machines as well as complete automation and feeding systems. MAKREV’s machines achieve a packaging output of up to 900 pieces per minute for jelly products and hard candy and 400 pieces per minute for chocolate products. MAKREV Packaging was founded in 1998.

In addition to the sales cooperation, Theegarten-Pactec CEO Markus Rustler will take on tasks in MAKREV’s management. As a member of the board, he will be directly involved in the further development of the company in the future. However, both companies will continue to operate independently in the market and serve the different market segments. “This step is exactly the right one for our long-term success,” said Markus Rustler. “MAKREV machines are solidly constructed and produced to the highest quality. They have an impeccable reputation in the industry.”

MAKREV, in turn, is expected to benefit from the packaging specialist’s sales and service network as a result of the cooperation. So far, MAKREV has mainly been active in the Middle East, North Africa, the CIS, and India.

Photo: MAVREV assembly hall. Credit: Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG