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Top three patisserie trends in 2024

Puratos announced the three main trends for the patisserie segment in 2024, identified by its Taste Tomorrow trend research. The study is based on a global survey of 20,000 consumers in 50 countries, along with the latest AI-powered online data analysis.

  1. Tech inspired & Experience delight 

The ‘Tech Inspired’ movement is the driving force shaping the patisserie landscape in 2024, the study finds. It has firmly established itself as the industry’s fastest-growing global trend. At its core is the integration of cutting-edge technology like AI, driven by consumer’ increasing appetite for unique and memorable dining experiences—a trend ‘Puratos coined as ‘Experience Delight’. This transformation is especially evident as consumers embrace online shopping convenience, prompting brick-and-mortar patisserie stores to elevate their offerings for exceptional, unforgettable experiences.

As many as 42% of consumers worldwide now advocate for more automated stores, up from 35% in 2018.

‘Tech Inspired’ trend is about fulfilling consumers’ desires for novelty and memorability through technology. With modern consumers being irresistibly drawn to tech-inspired solutions that elevate their culinary adventures, patissiers should consider the potential of ChatGPT, Puratos says.

  1. Classics Continued

While consumers like to try new foods, they aren’t keen on venturing too far into unknown territories, the research shows. They are looking for innovations with a familiar aspect. It seems that consumers are sticking to the classics they know and trust ever more, since 73% of consumers state they like to have a familiar element when trying new types of food. In 2021, that was just 67% of people worldwide. With a score of 79%, consumers in South America, the Middle East and Africa are especially wary of everything too new and different.

Traditional hot cross buns, croissants, or tres leches cakes offer sweet and creamy flavors loved by all, and invoke happy memories of family gatherings. Different textures and new formats could be interesting variations. Now more than ever, texture is a valued component that can offer newness or familiarity to a baked product, according to Puratos. “So add a surprising caramel center to your well-known pastries or simply focus on making your cake dough extra fluffy.”

Looks also matter more than ever: five years ago, 54% of consumers agreed that food that looks good, tastes good. Now, that number has gone up to 64%. Appearance is an indicator of quality and an artisanal and handmade aesthetic is valued higher than simply visual perfection.

  1. Local Authenticity

It used to be the case that things from afar benefited from an aura of exclusivity and singularity, but not anymore. Consumers now prefer to buy local food or food that is produced locally. 39% of people buy food that is locally produced or made with local ingredients at least weekly. Local pastries gain authenticity from their special recipes and profit from a higher value and quality perception. 

Two out of three consumers want to know where their food comes from, so transparency is key if you want to profit from the local trend, Taste Tomorrow reveals. The call for transparency is highest in the Middle East and Africa: 81% of consumers want to be informed on those product specs. Sustainability is an important driver here: 70% of consumers think that shopping local products is better for the environment. Another 65% believe they are healthier, Puratos’ research found.

Photo: Pexels (#14245212)

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