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Two Magpies Bakery launches catering service

Two Magpies Bakery launched a new catering arm for events of various sizes, held across Suffolk and Norfolk. The catering menu includes 24 boards with different product selections, including croissant and granola pairings, viennoiserie, vegan breakfast products, and its signature savory board. Lunch and evening options include sandwiches, salmon bagels, crudites, salad and charcuterie platters. Dessert choices are also included in the offerings, with options such as fruit and cheese boards.

Orders are delivered in catering boxes. Traditional wooden boards can also be ordered for more formal festivities, as well as bamboo plates, cutlery and napkins. The packaging comes with information about the ingredients, including allergens.

“We are fortunate enough to have many of our cafes based in areas where there are a lot of venues that cater for parties, weddings and various other events as well. We hope our newly launched range will appeal to a variety of people for various occasions,” Eastern Dail Press quotes Yasmin Wyatt, operations manager.



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Photo: croissant and granola board. Credit: Two Magpies Bakey