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VMI brings mixing and fermenting solutions to iba
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VMI will showcase its entire equipment range at iba, for small operations and industrial bakeries. Two of the company’s latest developments, a high-capacity fermenter and a new double-tool mixer, are among the highlights at the stand. VMI shared what visitors can look forward to, in an interview.

BBI: What are you preparing to exhibit and what new developments are you highlighting at the iba stand in 2023?

VMI: Our booth will feature our comprehensive range of equipment, catering to small and large-scale production, including automated mixing systems. No matter the process requirements, we have a solution to meet customers’ needs.

We aim to demonstrate the breadth of our technological capabilities, covering planetary mixers, batch mixers with removable bowls, bottom discharge mixers—both as standalone units and integrated into fully automated systems—as well as continuous mixing systems. All of these will be showcased at our booth, in physical form, or through virtual reality experience.

In addition, we are excited to present two of our latest innovations —a high-capacity fermenter and a new double-tool mixer with bottom discharge and temperature control. But to learn more about it, you’ll have to visit our booth!

BBI: Are there special events at the stand for visitors to save the date?

Yes! Attendees can expect a range of engaging experiences designed to help them discover the solutions they need.

One highlight will be our exclusive ‘Innovation & Sustainability corner’, a dedicated space where visitors can immerse themselves in our technologies. Equipped with virtual reality gear, individuals will have the opportunity to explore the details of our automated mixing equipment and understand better the process.

Moreover, our booth will feature live demos that showcase our IoT solutions. These demos will provide insights into how this technology enables the monitoring of performance and indicators. Visitors will have the chance to witness the tangible benefits of our IoT solutions and gain a deeper understanding of how they can optimize their own operations.

By providing hands-on opportunities and sharing our expertise, we hope to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of our products and solutions.

BBI: What industry dynamics do you anticipate and prepare for? Please highlight your main R&D priorities.

VMI: We are dedicated to addressing various industry trends and dynamics, particularly in terms of providing manufacturers with sustainable and cost-effective solutions. We recognize the growing importance of this challenge and firmly believe that bakery manufacturers can benefit from the expertise of equipment manufacturers to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, we aim to prioritize flexibility, catering to labor shortages and production constraints, whether it pertains to productivity, operational constraints, or reducing manual labor and its associated difficulties.

Photo: VMI

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