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War in Ukraine shifts exports
Lifting cargo cranes, ships and grain dryer in Sea Port of Odess

Ukraine exported farm products worth USD 13.1 billion to the EU last year, representing 56% of its agricultural exports.

In 2021, Ukraine’s agricultural exports totaled over USD 27 billion, accounting for 41% of the country’s overall exports, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

As noted by the Ukrainian Agricultural Export Association, the changes that occurred in exports in 2022 are primarily due to the war and blockaded seaports.

Powdered and condensed milk was bought by Poland, Israel, and the Netherlands, butter and dairy pastes by Poland, Moldova, and Azerbaijan, and cheeses by Kazakhstan, Poland, and Moldova. Eggs were supplied mainly to markets in Singapore, Latvia, and the Netherlands. The honey exported from Ukraine in 2022 primarily went to markets in the EU, particularly Germany, Poland, and France.

According to the World Economic Forum, Ukraine’s top agricultural exports in 2021 were:

Sunflower oil

Total exports: USD 6.4 billion

Volume: 4,950,000 metric tons (2021-2022 market year)

Top markets: India, the European Union and China.


Total exports: USD 5.9 billion

Volume: 23,000,000 metric tons (2021-2022 market year)

Top markets: China, the European Union, Egypt, Iran and Turkey.


Total exports: USD 5.1 billion

Volume: 19,000,000 metric tons (2021-2022 market year)

Top markets: Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Total exports: USD 1.7 billion

Volume: 2,700,000 metric tons (2021-2022 market year)

Top markets: the European Union, Pakistan and the United Kingdom


Total exports: USD 1.3 billion

Volume: 5,800,000 metric tons (2021-2022 market year)

Top markets: China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

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