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Wendy’s to expand in Central Asia

Kusto Group announced new plans for the expansion of the Wendy’s franchise in Central Asia. The industrial holding company aims to open and operate 55 outlets across Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan by 2030, and will also introduce a Next Generation restaurant layout and innovative AI-based drive-thru in Kazakhstan by Q2 2024, setting the stage for a new era of fast-food dining in the region.

The news was announced by Yerkin Tatishev, Founder and Chairman of Kusto Group, who attended Wendy’s Annual Franchise Convention in Washington D.C. in October 2023.

Present in 32 countries, the US-based fast-food restaurant chain has enjoyed significant global expansion in recent years. Its new markets include Central Asia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, leading Wendy’s to enter into franchise agreements with global companies such as Kusto Group to expand its footprint in Central Asia.


Photo: Wendy’s social media