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World’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier arrives in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman received the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier vessel, according to its builder, Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The ship called Suiso Frontier (‘suiso’ means ‘hydrogen’) arrived in Oman on August 14, the Hydrogen Council announced.

The ship was built in 2020 with support from the Japanese government and was designed to transport large quantities of liquified hydrogen, the Times of Oman reports. At 116 m long, 19 m wide, the Suiso Frontier is equipped with a double tank that can hold 1,250 m3 of liquefied hydrogen at -253°C, the news outlet adds.

With this mission, the shipbuilder aims to introduce the technology that can transport hydrogen as it seeks cooperation to establish global supply chains of hydrogen in the future. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a founding member of the Hydrogen Council.

Earlier this year, the ship traveled from Japan to Australia.

Photo: The Future of Oman (@futureoman_0) Twitter