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AAK launches clean-label, plant-based fats

AAK introduces a range of fats for chocolate and confectionery applications that use premium caramel, AKOMEL™. It is a portfolio of clean-label and plant-based fats obtained from sustainable sources, which are also available in non-hydrogenated, non-trans and low-saturated fat options.

The new development benefits from market trends seeing caramel among the fastest-growing confectionery categories, according to Euromonitor, with value sales set to increase by about 5% between 2020 and 2023. Caramel is also the fastest-growing flavor component in indulgent categories such as chocolate and confectionery. The fat content in caramel is typically 5-15% and plays a major role in terms of its flavor, mouthfeel and texture. Specialty vegetable fats can provide improved process control and lower costs without compromising clean label appeal, AAK highlights in its announcement. They are also vegan-friendly and in line with the demand for plant-based foods.