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AAK launches premium cocoa butter substitute compound

AAK launched a premium cocoa butter substitute (CBS) compound that facilitates higher levels of cocoa in chocolate compounds for enhanced taste.

Its new product, CEBES™ Choco 15, is a patented, plant-based CBS compound that allows up to 15% of cocoa ingredients for a stronger cocoa flavor. Most CBS solutions present issues with bloom and sensory qualities if the amount of cocoa ingredients exceeds 5%, AAK explains. CEBES™ Choco 15 supports a long shelf life and avoids bloom even in high-cocoa recipes, ensuring products retain a glossy appearance, remain hard and stable at room temperature, and are pleasant to the touch.

In addition, it is free from trans-fatty acids (TFAs) and has cost-efficient processing, with no tempering process required, while maintaining a fast setting time.

Using a CBS to create chocolate compounds can significantly reduce formulation costs for products such as confectionery bars, tablets, and bakery goods.  

Luis Parra, AAK’s Global Director of Chocolate & Confectionery Fats, said: “We are very excited to launch CEBES™ Choco 15, the only compound on the market that allows up to 15% of cocoa ingredients. It is an innovative, highly flexible solution that can help brands max out on their products’ taste while maintaining longer-lasting quality and cost-efficient processing.” ​

Photo: AAK