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Aasted brings chocolate tempering solutions to ProSweets 2024

At ProSweets, Aasted will highlight its SuperNova Energy tempering equipment, which is designed to keep chocolate at its best for a longer time. It uses special scraper wings and precise temperature control, using up to 30% less energy than regular machines. This means the chocolate maintains its properties, breaks nicely, and has a consistent texture. The SuperNova Energy is designed to save energy with improved results, Aasted explains. Precision equipment, including the Aasted ChocoAnalyzer and the new ChocoMeter+, will also be highlighted.

The Alice II Extruder and depositor, as well as the high-speed Alice Classic are also presented. “Aasted remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of chocolate manufacturing, offering you an exclusive glimpse into the future of chocolate production at ProSweets,” Aasted says.


Photo: Aasted at iba 2023. Credit: Aasted