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AIBI hosts networking event
Pleasant business partners enjoying conversation in the cafe

AIBI announced it is hosting a networking end-of-year event for its members and partners on December 12, 2022. The association organizes this meeting in partnership with the Bread Initiative, a project bringing together the European Confederation of national Bakery and Confectionery Organizations (CEBP), the Confederation of European Yeast Producers (COFALEC), the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionery and Patisseries Industries (Fedima), European Flour Millers (EFM) and AIBI.

With this walking diner event, the organizations want to bring together large and craft bakers, their upstream and downstream partners, EU and national authorities, and fellow associations, in Brussels. The informal networking get-together will be held at the AIBI office.

“In a time of economic crisis, strengthening the links of the chain is crucial for all, and this event should contribute to it. We are all looking forward to meeting you there,” the invitation says.

Photo: AdobeStock#137309337