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BAKON launches Pico ultrasonic cutting machine

BAKON introduced a new ultrasonic cutting machine, the PICO, designed for operations with smaller production volumes. It can be used for round and rectangular cakes, as well as for triangle-shaped products, in trays, or on cutting boards. The cutting patterns can be easily set, saved and selected on the full-color touch screen. Several parameters can be used to finetune the process for specific products, including the dimensions of the product, cutting patterns and the amplitude of the cut.

The BAKON Pico is equipped with a Full Wave Titanium cutting blade, which can cut products up to 100 mm high. “The blade moves over the product with an x- and y- movement and can also rotate to cut triangles and round cakes, while the product remains in the same position,” BAKON explained.

In addition, the PICO’s undercarriage is designed to be able to store different cutting boards. It is equipped with four heavy-duty caster wheels, of which two have brakes.

Small- and medium-capacity bakeries can use the PICO to save manual labor and increase process efficiency. The entry-level Pico ultrasonic cutting machine is the newest equipment in the BAKON range of cutting machines, joining the NANO, the Compact XL and the Inline Ultrasonic slicers.

Technical Specifications

  • Product dimensions for rectangular products: 600x400mm trays/660x440mm for American sheet pans
  • Product dimensions for round products:            maximum ø300 mm
  • Product height:                                                               100mm
  • Blade:                                                                                 180mm Titanium Full Wave blade

Photos: BAKON