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Barry Callebaut debuts ruby chocolate baking chip

Barry Callebaut launched a new range of chocolate baking chips for its North American markets, the ruby chocolate chip. It will fall into the premium category of the company’s Intense Indulgence portfolio. Ruby chocolate is now available for all segments including confectionery, ice cream, bakery and snacks.

 “Ruby chocolate continues to set Barry Callebaut apart as a leading innovator in the confectionery industry,” says Barry Callebaut’s President & CEO Americas, Steve Woolley. ”We are excited to enter the baking and snack segments with our North American rollout of the ruby chocolate chip and continue expanding our Intense Indulgence portfolio to bring unique and unprecedented products to our customers.“

Ruby chocolate was introduced in 2017, after a 10-year-long process of perfecting it. “The precursors of the fresh berry fruitiness and color tone are naturally present in the ruby cocoa beans. With no color or flavor added, the bean, in combination with the unique processing, unlocks the flavor and color naturally present in ruby,” Barry Callebaut explains. Ruby cocoa beans are 100% sustainably sourced and are Cocoa Horizons certified, which works directly with farmer groups, supporting their training and farmers.

Photo: Barry Callebaut