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bbi-2022-01-Live long and prosper!

With consumers wanting simpler ingredients to make a comeback, it is still important to them that their favorite baked products should also maintain all the convenient benefits they have learned to rely on, including long life and great taste. R&D creates the balance allowing bakery fillings to check all the boxes.

The balance between having better-for-you, clean-label products with simpler ingredients and, at the same time, the benefits of a long shelf-life can be found in compiling cleaner fillings, minimizing the use of preservatives and additives, while at the same time maintaining shelf-life properties, and most importantly, not compromising on taste. While fruit fillings have the benefit of using natural extracts and the fruit’s own acidity instead of preservatives, cream-based fillings do not have any natural preservatives in their composition and also require a stabilizer for the water and fat emulsion on which they are based.