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bbi-2022-02-Connected baking makes smart factories

By Catalina Mihu

The concept of a fully-automated bakery that can run itself independently, the smart baking factory, is one that
will deliver high-quality goods adjusting processes to do so, without missing a beat. The key to achieving this is collecting the right data and utilizing this information to connect and synchronize equipment. This is AMF’s vision for ‘lights-out’ bakeries.

The ‘lights-out’ bakery concept is a long-term vision at AMF Bakery Systems in its goal to automate bakery processes with consistent, high-quality results. Step by step, this means gains in production efficiency and sustainability. Data science is instrumental in this process. “The value of data is the future, hand in hand with the artisan bakery craftsmanship, which will always be needed for tasty, flavorful recipes. As machines get smarter and robots can work 24/7, processes will run faster, more accurately, with automation supporting bakeries to achieve better performance, better quality and non-stop production if needed. Bakers’ skills will drive product innovation development, while smart factories will independently handle production,” Lex van Houten, Regional Marketing Manager, AMF, underlines.