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bbi-2022-02-This is PROGRESSA

Fritsch has just launched a new compact bread line, the PROGRESSA bread, dedicated to baking artisan-quality breads in mid-sized operations.

The trend towards breads made from soft doughs with long pre-proofing times of up to 24 hours, and often a high rye content, poses major production challenges. This is especially true in medium-sized retail bakeries. To be able to produce as many different products as possible at consistently high quality, a production line needs, first and foremost, to be uncomplicated to retool, easy to clean, and ready to expand if necessary. To meet this demand, FRITSCH has launched a completely new bread line – the PROGRESSA bread. Depending on product size, the PROGRESSA bread can process between 500 kilograms and 1.8 tons of dough per hour. “The new line combines a sophisticated hygienic design with the highest product quality on a small footprint,” FritSch underlines.