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bbi-2022-03-A quantum leap

By Helga Baumfalk

When Ebbing Bakery installed the Smartline Model I dough band line, which had just been launched into operation in 2001, it was a first in the industry. 16 years later, the company opted for the Rondo line for the second time, now in its new generation.

The new Smartline Type 10 has been in operation since 2017. “We added a new hall for the production of pastries in 2012 because we wanted to decentralize the processes in our production and set up a separate, air-conditioned room in which we could also process butter,” explains Daniel Ebbing, head of the bakery. The dimensions and design of the latest Smartline generation were taken into account following the construction of the new pastry hall, in preparation for the future. The modernization of the dough band line, which involved replacing its 2001 predecessor model, came five years after the new hall became operational. Five machine generations lie between the two versions. The new dough band line is now arranged in an L-shape, measures 10 m x 10 m in angle and feeds the downstream Polyline make-up line in a single-shift operation.