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bbi-2022-03-All in one system

MPREIS is a grocer in Tyrol, Austria. The company has envisioned its bakery, Therese Mölk, to streamline every activity within its walls under a single control system, from production lines to conveying, handling products, and even including the building’s heating and cooling system.

The bakery, founded in 1925 by Therese Mölk, may soon be 100 years old, but its production is anything but old: the new Therese Mölk bakery in Völs had a complete makeover in 2013. After two years of planning and construction, it became not only the largest bakery in the area, but also one of the most modern bakeries in Austria. To bring together all the latest-generation equipment in the new headquarters, MPREIS worked with automation specialist AutomationX. The comprehensive project began one year before the new building was ready to begin production and it covered everything from production planning, recipe administration, batch traceability, silo management, to the building’s control system, and the control of the refrigeration unit – all brought together under one management system. The goal of this unified control system was to monitor and manage as many technical systems as possible using a single platform, developed by AutomationX.