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bbi-2022-04-A guide to IBIE’s exhibition stands (Kwik Lok excerpt)

As the highly-anticipated Baking Expo is approaching, exhibitors are preparing their stands to once again welcome visitors to the trade fair in Las Vegas. We asked some of the industry’s big players for a glimpse into the novelties we can expect. Here are some of the stands worth exploring, listed by booth numbers.

Booth 2024 – Kwik Lok

Kwik Lok will bring to IBIE its Eco-Lok, Fibre-Lok, and the New Closing Line of the Future. Eco-Lok and Fibre-Lok can be used with existing Kwik Lok automatic bag closings.
The Eco-Lok is a great solution for bakeries that are looking to reduce carbon and plastics. It is made with up to 20% renewably-sourced starches. Fibre-Lok is a 0% plastics solution that is made with cellulose fibers. “In some places, it may be home compostable and/or provisionally recyclable depending on the infrastructure available,” Kwik Lok details.
The packaging company has recently updated ‘Closing Line of the Future’ which includes Kwik Lok’s 893 closing machine bundled with its tamper-evident 909 laster stitch machine and the newest fiber laser print technology. Both Eco-Lok and Fibre-Lok are designed to work with this line.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 4 – 2022]. Read the full article in the magazine: