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bbi-2022-04-A guide to IBIE’s exhibition stands (MECATHERM excerpt)

As the highly-anticipated Baking Expo is approaching, exhibitors are preparing their stands to once again welcome visitors to the trade fair in Las Vegas. We asked some of the industry’s big players for a glimpse into the novelties we can expect. Here are some of the stands worth exploring, listed by booth numbers.

Booth 2131 – MECATHERM

MECATHERM will highlight the M-Care, a new digital solution helping industrial bakers to optimize their performance. Live demonstrations will be organized to showcase its features. Accessible with a smartphone or tablet, M-Care is an innovative intuitive interface enabling to identify drifts, prevent breakdowns and machine failures, and provide comfort and simplicity to operators and maintenance teams for first-level maintenance operations. Most of the new MECATHERM ovens are M-Care ready. From vertical ovens to flexible production lines, MECATHERM will also explain how their solutions enable industrial bakers to face the market challenges in terms of product quality, industrial performance and sustainability.
Launched at IBIE in 2019, the smart and responsive MECAFLEX line will return. It incorporates the flexible M-TA tunnel oven and the M-UB handling system, for a large range of products, produced using different process combinations with trays of varied types and formats. The M-TA oven offers multiple heat transfer modes, such as convection or radiant heat, or a combination of both in each independent heating zone. The M-UB handling system has been designed to be adaptable and flexible, whatever the product type, production volumes and constraints imposed by industrial.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 4 – 2022]. Read the full article in the magazine: