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bbi-2022-06-Artificial intelligence for the fermentation chamber

By Tobias Fitzel (ttz Bremerhaven), Michael Lütjen (BIBA),
Juan Daniel Arango (BIBA), Michael Freitag (BIBA), Florian Stukenborg (ttz Bremerhaven)

Ensuring constant results from the fermentation process is largely dependent on considering the challenges of working with a living product. Artificial intelligence provides promising opportunities in the flexible management of the process.

Optimal fermentation control is still a major challenge for bakeries. Due to the use of natural ingredients and changing environmental conditions, the fermentation process requires constant control and monitoring by the baker in order to avoid quality fluctuations. However, control and monitoring are often insufficient, resulting in quality degradation and rejected products. Artificial intelligence and advanced sensor technology in the fermentation machine provide a promising solution to this problem (Figure 1). Provided that the use of sensors pays off from an economic and technical point of view, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to develop a robust and powerful monitoring system in most quality assurance applications.