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bbi-2022-06-The ever-trendy clean label evolves

By Dr. Torsten Zense, Food Technology Manager, R&D and Marketing, DIOSNA Dierks & Soehne GmbH

There is more to a clean label than the sum of its components. Certain expectations from the technology used in the production of baked of baked goods are associated with this claim.

Today, ‘clean label’ is a term with many interpretations. In the past, it simply meant avoiding certain ingredients, some of which were declared with E-numbers or sounded like ‘chemicals’. Since then, the term ‘clean label’ has often been used when the list of ingredients is reduced so that the composition is simple and clearly stated, from the consumer’s perspective. To this end, baking ingredient manufacturers offer baking agents or baking mixes that support these claims. However, many requirements for clean labels can also be met by suitable dough technologies. The following article will deal with this in greater detail.