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bbi-2023-01-Sliced, bagged and delivered

To maximize the benefits of automating bread slicing and bagging, industrial bakeries need to keep their customization options open. Aside from processing speed and reliability, flexible and easy adjustable equipment is a must.

AMF Bakery Systems looked into slicing, bagging and streamlining both processes with the Combo Bread Slicer and Bagger, which was designed to process a variety of pan breads. This machine can cut slices ranging from 92 mm to 140 mm in width, with a height of 76-152 mm and 203 mm to 432 mm long. The lattice allows slicing from 9.5 mm to 15.9 mm. It features a Hansaloy lattice, mounted on a mechanism that slides out partially or can fully extend, to allow the lattice to open evenly across the entire width of the machine. Chromed blade backing rollers maintain blade stability through the slicing process.