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BBU’s Thomas launches croissant bread

Thomas’, a Bimbo Bakeries brand producing grocery store English muffins and bagels in the U.S., expanded its breakfast portfolio with the launch of its new Croissant Bread. It has the flaky layers of a croissant baked into a loaf, which is sliced for convenience.

“What makes Thomas’ Croissant Bread so uniquely good is that it’s made in a croissant-style lamination process resulting in 72 layers in each loaf to get that signature flakiness you expect from a croissant,” said Ted Swain, Director of Innovation for Thomas’ Breads.

This take on the classic French pastry will be available to consumers at Safeway, Stop & Shop, ShopRite, The Giant Company, Giant Food, Price Chopper, Acme, Shaw’s, Tops, and Big Y.

Photo: Grupo Bimbo