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BIET Meeting returns to Barcelona

The 2023 edition of the BIET Meeting brought together more than 180 participating professionals in Barcelona this year. The in-person event was held from June 7 to 9 at the IQS facilities. Manufacturers, users, researchers and technology providers met at the international event dedicated to the bread sector and related industries.

In total, 26 speakers shared their insights over the two-day event, some coming from academia, such as Manuel Gómez Pallarés (University of Valladolid), Mario Martínez Martínez (Aarhus University – Denmark), Stefano Renzetti (Wageningen University & Research), and others, from companies sponsoring the event. All of them have contributed with their interventions to offer a current vision of technological trends and the present and future challenges of the sector in Europe, the organizers say.

The BIET MEeting also included 14 technical presentations, on diverse topics such as the use of enzymes to improve the formulation or texture, innovation in ingredients with nutritional and flavor impact, or new bakery concepts.

Sustainability was the underlying theme of the event, with conferences focusing on topics such as ingredient technology to make bread more sustainable and affordable, or the need to rethink baking and find clean-label cake formulations. Objectives such as energy and water savings and minimizing waste throughout the supply chain were also discussed.

Gluten-free products were also among the topic highlights this year, with four specialty presentations dedicated to the product segment.

An exhibition space was also organized during the event.

BIET (which stands for European Meeting on Baking Ingredients, Enzymes and Technology) are conferences organized every two years by the Food Professional Group of the AIQS Alumni, to assess the state of the art of baking and related industry in Europe.

AIQS Alumni, founded in 1921, is the oldest alumni association in Spain. The first edition took place in 2007, although its origins date back to the 1980s.

Sponsoring and collaborating companies include IFF, Puratos, Zeelandia, Lallemand, AIT Ingredients, Kerry, Eurogerm, BASF, Ricardo Molina, Hifood, Novozymes, Tecnosa, Ireks, Agriflex, Limagrain, Pan de calidad, Palsgaard, IQS and Alifarma.

Photos: BIET