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Bundy Baking Solutions receives award

Bundy Baking Solutions was named one of the top 10 food automation and manufacturing solutions providers. The selection of award winners was based on the feedback of an evaluation panel arranged by Food and Beverage Technology Review magazine.

Food and Beverage Technology Review magazine established the ‘Top Ten’ award in 2020 and is presented each year to companies in food automation and manufacturing, food processing and packaging, beverage tech, food service management, and food safety service.

“The supply chain issues and labor shortages coupled with higher demand for products during the pandemic have created an unprecedented interest in automation in the baking industry. Automation comes in many forms; most people associate automation with equipment to decrease the amount of labor required to manufacture products. However, automation can also take the form of services that reduce downtime, minimize scrap, and improve overall efficiency. That’s where Bundy Baking Solutions can help. The company combines innovative technology, trusted relationships, and deep knowledge and passion for the baking industry to lead clients toward success,” said Gil Bundy, CEO of Bundy Baking Solutions.

Bundy Baking Solutions is headquartered in Urbana, Ohio, USA. The family-owned group of companies includes American Pan, Chicago Metallic, DuraShield, Pan Glo, Runex, and Synova.